Cleaver Plus

Cleaver Cabinets

CLEAVER cabinets offer the convenience and flexibility allowing you to make as regular batches of salumi right across the year. They are fully insulated and double glazed and come with internal temperature control, full humidification control and passive air-circulation.

The CLEAVER is equipped with heater, compressor cooling, self-evaporating de-humidification, humidifier, passive air-circulation, UV light, and stainless steel salt-block tray.

These cabinets allow you to get the most out of your cuts of meat. Whether you’re planning to hang a rib eye on the bone for 60 days or increase your salami season with your own proscuitto, coppacolla, sausages and more.

CLEAVER Plus Salumi Cabinets

The new CLEAVER Salumi Cabinets Plus range is the world’s first to truly offer salumi curing and dry ageing within the one cabinet

The new features and functions include:

  • New minimum temperature setting of 0°C

  • New larger control panel casing with strip LED light

  • UVC light and UV air filtration system

  • Enclosed stainless steel humidifier box in the base of the cabinet

  • Easy to move and clean shelving system

  • Prosciutto hanging bar

  • Larger drip tray/salt block tray

Cleaver Original Cabinets

The CLEAVER Salumi Cabinets are the world’s finest domestic salumi cabinet

Our cabinets are a sleek freestanding design with tinted, double glazed glass door, seamless stainless door trim, stainless steel internal fittings and pull-out stainless steel shelves.

The CLEAVER is equipped with heater, compressor cooling, self-evaporating, de-humidification, humidifier, passive air-circulation, UVC led lighting and drip tray.

Temperature, de-humidification and internal white UV/LED light are controlled via the LED panel.

The PIGGY Collection

Three little PIGGIES perfect for your complete bar set up

The Piglet: The ideal option for the small batch curer.
The Cork: Perfectly aged wines for your perfectly cured meats.
The Brew: Refreshing, cold beverages after a hard day butchering and curing.

Package deals available when you purchase two or more cabinets from The CLEAVER Piggy Collection