The AGA cooker family just grew bigger with the launch of the market leading R3 Series with even more functionality and lower running costs.

The latest offering from the British factory in Shropshire seamlessly marries the latest technology with proud tradition to offer everything contemporary cooks need. From weeknight stir-fries and five-course dinner parties, to grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade pizza, the series offers the latest innovations from our craftsmen that guarantee a cooker that really can do it all. New, state-of-the-art features include an infrared grill, as well as the choice of an induction hob, both designed to sync perfectly with today’s modern kitchen needs. Naturally, the iconic AGA cooker, with its gleaming and hard-wearing vitreous enamel exterior and nostalgic lines, loved by homemakers, bakers and interior designers worldwide, has been retained. Part of the renowned AGA 24/7 Radiant Heat Collection, designed to be on all the time to keep the kitchen cosy and be ready to cook the moment you are

All the AGA features you love … and more

A roasting oven, a baking/simmering oven, a warming oven … yes, yes, yes, the AGA R3 Series still lets you have it all, as well as some clever extras. Alongside a hotplate offering boiling and simmering modes, this cooker has the added flexibility of a state-of-the-art two-zone induction hob with a bridging function for oven sizes from 90cm to 170cm. Induction cooking is increasingly popular because it’s safe and super-efficient, producing almost instant results and heating the pan, not the hob, so there’s no burnt-on food to clean up afterwards. For added convenience, the hob features not one but two to three zones, so you can combine cooking surfaces to create delicious dishes that require larger or elongated pans. The 150cm, 160cm and 170cm models feature an additional simmering plate, as well as the induction hub and an additional convection fan oven.

If you prefer a more traditional looking AGA, you will love the AGA R3 100cm featuring the iconic twin hot plates. These can be used independently or at the same time.

Saving money and the planet

While the AGA R3 Series is a heat-storage cooker, meant to be on 24/7, each oven and hotplate can be individually controlled, allowing you to regulate the amount of energy you use. That’s good for your power bills and the planet. There’s also an ‘e’ setting which reduces the temperatures of the roasting and baking ovens to baking and simmering to save even more on fuel costs. Because an AGA cooker can take the place of a tumble drier, toaster, bread maker and electric kettle, you’ll also spend less money on appliances, as well as power, and reduce kitchen clutter. Of course, AGA’s always-on function means those who work at home, or simply want the warmth and reassurance of an AGA cooker, can enjoy the warmth they need without expensive air conditioning or heating systems.


Fast, masterful grilling

Our cast-iron cookers have always been able to do it all, and that includes grilling, baking, steaming, boiling, stir-frying, simmering, roasting, slow-cooking and toasting. But the AGA R3 Series models are the first cast-iron AGA cookers to feature an innovative, high-speed, integrated infrared grill. It’s fast and easy to use, heating up in only two minutes, and offers no fewer than three shelf positions, so you have optimal control to select the height that will deliver the most delicious culinary results. The AGA R3 Series also features a fan to cool the cooker when the grill is in use. We think you’re going to love this masterful grill just as much as you’ll love the award-winning performance of the AGA cooker’s time-honoured features.


It’s easy to get started

Buy an AGA R3 Series cooker and you’re ready to start creating delicious food from the moment it is delivered. This kitchen powerhouse is easy to install and requires no plinth, flue, or servicing. With AGA’s latest cooker, it couldn’t be simpler to start enjoying good food and good times. Because there are so many choices of stunning enamel colours – 16 in all ranging from British Racing Green to Linen – as well as covetable features, we recommend talking to an AGA expert to find out which model in the R3 Series is right for you.

You can also view the entire range here and follow us on Instagram for more kitchen and cooking inspiration. If you’re renovating, don’t forget to check out ArchiPro for all the details about iconic AGA cookers.