If you want to make a difference to the future of the world, as well as enjoy a lifetime of good food and good times, an AGA cooker is the perfect choice for you.

In a world built for obsolescence, it is made to last a lifetime. Thousands of these stunning, vitreous enamel appliances are still in perfect working order after over 50 years of sterling service. That’s why you’ll never see them in a landfill, adding to the accumulation of waste on our precious planet. With sustainability being an issue of growing concern for future generations, an AGA cooker is the ‘green’ choice. Here are five reasons you should own the world’s leading cast-iron kitchen appliance.

1. Every AGA cooker is almost completely recyclable

That’s right. The metal in these kitchen powerhouses can be used again and again.

AGA products are thoughtfully created and responsibly built, making the most from the least and using nothing unnecessarily. Handcrafted with 75 per cent iron and recycled materials, including car gearboxes, old machinery, lampposts and even door fittings, they’re contributing to a cleaner environment from the moment they are made. Because AGA cooker owners love everything about this premium appliance, they’re also more likely to influence friends to consider buying a product that puts the environment, not profits, first. Or maybe it’s just their Instagram posts, jammed with photos of the delicious dishes they easily create in their oven or on their hotplates, that wins instant fans.

2. An AGA cooker is built to conserve fuel

Modern appliances made of flimsier materials make transient use of energy, but because AGA cookers are made of cast iron, they are an energy store, steadily transferring heat from the core to the oven and hotplates and into your house. The in-built thermostatic control makes sure temperatures remain consistent, so you’re not using energy unnecessarily, and the high levels of insulation within the outer casing and beneath the hotplate covers also help ensure that every AGA uses fuel economically. A modern innovation: ovens and hotplates that can be switched on and off, as required, meaning there is heat in the room, but energy is not wasted. Increasingly these kitchen powerhouses are also available with a selection of flexible features, so you can choose the most economical way to power them.


3. They do more than cook beautiful food

Food prepared in an AGA cooker has actually been proven by science to look, taste and smell more appealing than food cooked on another appliance. In fact, research by the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom found that meals cooked in the cast iron oven benefit from indirect and radiant heat rather than convection cooking because they cook right through evenly. Using an AGA cooker even makes it easier to brown cakes as well as make crusty bread and toast that is crunchy on the outside but delightfully fluffy within. But these iconic home appliances do so much more than just make beautiful food. AGAs are designed to remain on if you desire, adding gentle warmth to your kitchen. They can take the place of a tumble drier, toaster, and bread maker, saving on multiple energy-chewing devices. With more of us working from home, the gentle, friendly warmth released by an AGA cooker, rather than a heater or air-conditioner, is also a welcome addition to energy-conscious homes.


4. They don’t compromise on style for sustainability

With all this talk about eco-friendly features, you may expect less in the style department. Not for a minute. There’s a reason stylists and interior designers love AGA cookers. Their handcrafted, nostalgic lines say class all the way and their choice of 16 stunning vitreous enamel colours, from Olivine to Pewter, also means you’ll find them featured on the pages of the world’s leading home magazines as well as in the most stylish houses. If you’re looking for a feature you can show off, as well as feel good about, an AGA cooker ticks all the right boxes.

5. They make life better

At AGA, honest, hardworking, recyclable materials are used to engineer products that look great and perform brilliantly. The aim is to create and curate products that offer tangible solutions to help people live their best lives. The result is that you’ll enjoy more delicious meals, with less wasted time or wasted food, as well as good company. An AGA cooker, in an expanding choice of high-performance models, is a lifelong investment in good food, family and friends, and the warmth of a sustainable home. We think that means a healthy, happier life and that’s not only good for you but for the future of the planet.

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