Spanish Crema Catalana


1 Qt (1 Lt) whole milk
8 yolks
4.5 tbsp (40 g) cornstarch
1 organic lemon
2 cinnamon sticks
11 tbsp (160 g) caster sugar + more for the crust


FLAVORED MILK: First of all, pour the milk into a pot, then add the yellow peels of an organic lemon and 2 cinnamon stick. Now, place the pot on the Simmering Plate and heat until you see the first bubble simmering.
EGGS AND SUGAR: Meanwhile the milk is on the heat, crack the eggs and separate the yolks from the whites. Now, pour the yolks into a bowl and combine with 11 tbsp of sugar. Add also 4.5 tbsp of sifted cornstarch or the amount to obtain your preferred density. Whisk the mixture until fluffy and consistent.
PREPARING THE EGG CREAM: Once the milk starts to simmer, remove the pot from the hotplate and add the eggs mixture immediately, whisking continuously with energy until consistent. At this point, place the pot again over the Simmering Plate. Keep whisking the cream continually until it reaches the desired density. Now, pour the Crema Catalana into single serving bowls, then cover the cream surface immediately with plastic wrap in order to maintain the moisture. Once the Crema Catalana reaches the room temperature, store in the fridge for a couple of hours.
CREMA CATALANA CRUST: Just before serving, cover the Crema Catalana with a thin layer of sugar and torch it until slightly burnt and caramelized, then serve immediately.

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