The Grande Legacy Grill – 36cm

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The Grande Legacy Grill – 36cm


A unique grill design for perfect sear lines.


  • 36cm recycled cast iron grill
  • Handmade to be handed down
  • Lifespan approx. 50 non-stick pans
  • Works on induction and all other cooking surfaces
  • PFAS, PFOA, PTFE free
  • All natural, 100% purified recycled iron
  • Nothing taken from the ground in manufacturing
  • Three Generation Guarantee® cast into the iron
  • Lifetime subscription to the Recipe Vault®
  • Arrives seasoned

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This jumbo handmade grill can prepare 8+ eye-fillet steaks at once. The ultimate entertainer. The unique grill peak forms a broader cooking surface for better heat distribution—helping to better distribute heat and lock in moisture while still getting the perfect sear lines. The Grande Grill can be paired with the Grande Legacy. They lock together forming a lid and base that can be used either way up.

Switch from short-life pans to one that will outlast you. Handmade to be handed down, the Grande Grill is PFAS, PFOA, and PTFE free and made with all natural, 100% recycled iron. So nothing is taken from the ground to make them.

The Grande Grill works on any cooking surface, from induction to campfire, and comes with the world’s longest product warranty of 100 years. That is approximately 50 non-stick pans. Or three generations of daily use. In fact, it comes with Ironclad’s trademark Three Generation Guarantee® cast into the base.

It arrives seasoned.

To season after each use, you can use your favourite high smoke point oil, or grab some of our Homemade Conditioning Balm.

Each Grande Grill comes with its own lifetime account to the Recipe Vault®. A closed digital platform to protect secret family recipes, collate personal favourites, and document the meals your Grill will prepare for generations to come.

To make cookware that will last more than a century of use, we returned to techniques used to make some of the most beautiful antique cast iron in circulation today. It takes a little longer, but it lasts a lot longer.


  • Material: high-grade, quality tested recycled iron
  • Total width: 36cm
  • Total length: 43.5cm
  • Total height: 4.5cm high sides
  • Cooking surface diameter: 32cm
  • Weight: 5.4kg single mould pour
  • Max temp: 550°C
  • Comes with your printed Three Generation Guarantee and Use & Care Instructions