Portmerion for AGA Stacking Casserole Dish

Portmerion for AGA Stacking Casserole Dish


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Introducing our fantastic AGA stacking casseroles lovingly made for us by our friends at Portmeirion.

Beautiful classic white style with the clever wide lip and flat lid. Easy to handle with oven gloves and gauntlets. Lightweight and easy to clean.

Both the 1.75L and 3L casseroles will stack snugly on top of each other in the AGA ovens.

A great investment for all types of cooking, including chilli, pasta bakes and even soda bread.

Microwave safe for heating up leftovers, freezer and dishwasher safe. AGA stacking casseroles can be used on the simmering plate.

The oven-to-table ware goes through three firings. The first is a biscuit firing at 1200°C, the second is a glaze firing at 1140°C and final firing at 1100°C.