Ironclad Care Kit

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Ironclad Care Kit


Included in the box is our homemade conditioning balm, a wooden spatula for cleaning, a bamboo scrubbing brush, an organic cotton cloth for applying the balm, and easy to follow care instructions.

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You only need to buy Ironclad Cookware once. And with a little care it will just get better and better over the years.

The Ironclad Care Kit includes everything you need to keep your cast iron in top condition for the next generation.

CONDITIONING BALM Made in Australia, our homemade conditioning balm contains a blend of locally sourced lemon myrtle, beeswax and grapeseed oil. Best stored in a cool, dry place away from direct light or heat.

WOODEN SPATULA Handmade by an artisan woodworker based in the Coromandel (NZ), these wooden spatulas feature a perfectly angled edge for cleaning, an ergonomic handle and are made from native rimu which is collected from a local family owned forest. No trees were felled in the process.

ORGANIC COTTON CLOTH These lovely organic black cotton cloths were sourced by our friends at Waste Free Home. The fabric comes from a mill in Melbourne and is overlocked with 100% cotton thread.

BAMBOO SCRUBBING BRUSH These eco-friendly bamboo scrubbing brushes are made with short, coarse bristles that are great for cleaning cast iron.