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Hand crafted and still made in Britain

The AGA cooker is one of award-winning innovation and a proud heritage, because it’s made exactly the same way it always has been. Each AGA is unique and sets the range apart from the ubiquitous mass-produced uniformity.

AGA Australia is the importer of AGA Cookers, and at our boutique store, we offer expert advice and knowledge and can offer a measure and quote service.


ERA is a mix of evolution and revolution. It’s where technology meets design and where heritage meets modernity. And it’s where glass is used extensively for the first time to create a striking, unified aesthetic that is beautiful, contemporary and fits perfectly into a modern kitchen.

AGA eR3 Range

This is the first AGA collection to feature models that combine both cast-iron radiant heat cooking and conventional cooking, so they take flexibility to a whole new level. The mix of ovens, hotplates and an induction hob means you have a cooker for all seasons and one that makes it very easy to manage energy usage

AGA R3 Range

If you love the original – on all the time – AGA, but want added functionality and to save money on running costs, then the new 13-amp AGA R3 Series is the perfect cooker for you. Each oven and hotplate operates independently and, with a high-speed infrared grill and the option of an induction hob, this model seamlessly marries the very latest technology with tradition to offer everything a cook needs. If you have a draughty kitchen, work from home or simply enjoy the cosy AGA warmth in your kitchen, then this is the cooker for you. This model is available in sizes from 90cm to 170cm.

AGA eR7 Range

Models in the AGA eR7 Series collection are powered by electricity and have the iconic good looks you’d expect from an AGA cooker, but with everyday enhanced controllability providing the option to set the ovens to different temperatures.

AGA R7 Range

Fully electric, the AGA R7 is controllable, easy-to-use and offers a host of refined features for flexible cooking. The ovens are designed to be left on, so that they are always available for use and provide a gentle warmth to keep your kitchen cosy.

AGA free-standing module

The Free-standing Module is designed to stand alone or fit within standard kitchen furniture and can be sited anywhere in the kitchen.

Cooker Options

Colour Matched Insulated Covers


You can personalise your AGA with an alternative smart and durable finish. Cast iron lids can be supplied in the same colour vitreous enamel as the body of your AGA.

Cast Iron Enamelled Lids – $3,200 extra