Rayburn Obsolete Models


Some of the cookers in this section have been discontinued for over fifty years. AGA Australia is proud to be able to supply a limited range of genuine spare parts for these cookers.

Please take care when ordering spare parts. Incorrectly ordered items will be subject to a 15% re-stocking fee. If you are unsure please contact AGA Australia.


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Identify Your Rayburn Obsolete Models


Rayburn Model No. 3

Introduced in about 1950, the Rayburn No. 3 was similar to the no.2 model, having 2 ovens - a main cooking oven above a smaller warming oven.

It was available with a single hinged insulating lid.

An optional boiler was available either cast iron or copper, with an output to supply a domestic hot water system

The fire and ash-pit doors were interlocking, where the ash-pit door cannot be opened before the fire-door is first opened.

The Rayburn No.3 had a circular grate with outside riddling attachment (at side of ash-pit door)

Manufacture continued to about 1958, when it was re-designed and launched as the Rayburn Royal.


Rayburn Model No. 2

Manufactured from the late 1940's until the mid 1950's

This model had a main oven together with a warming oven underneath. No insulating lid was fitted.

The Model 2 could be fitted with optional boiler, which could generate enough hot water to supply a domestic hot water system

The-grate was seven bar rectangular grate and accessed by opening the ash-pit door, riddling being done by this route.

Optional Plate-rack and Splash-back were available.

This unit was available with a Left or Right hand oven, as observed when viewing the cooker from the front.


Rayburn Model No. 1 Old and New Pattern

The Rayburn Number 1 was the first generation of  'Rayburn' cooker,  introduced in 1946 and manufactured up to about 1958, when it was largely superceded by the introduction of the Rayburn Regent.

The difference between the two models is in the fire and ashpit doors. The old pattern had independent doors, whereas the new pattern had interlocking doors, where the ashpit door cannot be opened before the firedoor is opened.

The other feature that changed on these models was the grate, the old pattern had a single piece eight bar rectangular grate, the new pattern had a circular grate that was riddled from outside of the appliance.


Rayburn 300W

The Rayburn 300 Introduced in 2007 as a large wood burning cooker without hot water or heating capabilities sharing the same dimensions, riddling grate system and many other features of  the 345 and 355 cookers. Discontinued in 2016