E-Cloth® Hob and Oven Pack

E-Cloth® Hob and Oven Pack


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Just use water for a deep and smear free clean on all types of ovens and hobs by breaking up and holding light grease and dirt which ordinary cloth leave behind. The maximum useable temperature for the cloths is 200°C.

Unlike ordinary cloths, E-Cloth fibres have been designed specifically to provide high performance cleaning without needing chemicals. E-Cloths perform better, last longer and uniquely come with a 3 year guarantee.

  • Tests prove e-cloths remove over 99% of bacteria including E. coli and Listeria, from hard surfaces, using only water, and that after just a quick rinse, the rate of bacteria transfer from one surface to another is only 0.01%.

  • Just add water and wipe

  • No chemicals to buy

  • Guaranteed for 300 washes