The unique AGA taste

Owners talk with boundless enthusiasm, even passion, about the unique AGA taste. Certainly no other cooker in the world produces flavours and moist, succulent textures quite like it. So often in life the simplest ways are the best and, fundamentally, AGA cooking is simple and stress-free even when you`re entertaining. By using the hot plates and ovens in combination you have every level of heat you need for every kind of cooking.

Simmering: gently does it

The Simmering Plate provides a gentle heat for warming milk and bringing your custards and sauces to velvety smooth perfection. This plate is also a natural griddle, the home of heavenly drop scones and blinis. In most stoves simmering ends on the hotplate but not with and AGA: you also have the Simmering Oven that plays such an important role in AGA cooking. For example start off your casserole on the Boiling Plate then transfer to the Simmering Oven for the tenderest slow cooking you`ve ever tasted. Fast boil root vegetables, drain, then pop them into the oven to quietly finish cooking in their own steam. The Simmering Oven also cooks beautifully in its own right: AGA créme caramel and similar delicate dishes are unsurpassed.

Boiling, stir frying and hot buttered toast

Did you know that the Boiling Plate on an AGA can boil water faster then most electric kettles ? It's a sustained high heat that cooks vegetables so quickly their colour could stay vibrant and their nutrients locked inside. This same plate is also ideal for creating fast stir fries and, using the toaster supplied, the famous AGA toast that`s crisp on the outside and blissfully soft within.

Roasting, baking and grilling

Heat is released in the AGA oven cavity evenly and constantly using the time-honoured `hot top, cooler base` heat zones, just as in those wonderful old bakers` brick ovens. This is why the mere aroma of bread, pastries and cakes emerging from and AGA is usually enough to fill your kitchen with appreciative faces. Classic roasts are another AGA hallmark, the outside dark and crisp, the inside succulently moist. Not that an AGA is only for serious food of course, it`s equally adept at perfect pizza and oven chips. Or in the morning there is nothing better than cooking sizzling sausages