The Badge

The iconic AGA logo. Classic or contemporary, just state your choice at point of purchase

Polished Steel Insulated Covers

The distinctive hallmark of the AGA, two highly polished stainless steel lids cover the Hotplates when not in use. Individually assembled by hand in the factory at Telford, they are matched up to their particular top plate. Also available in enamelled cast iron to match the colour of your AGA.

Simmering Plate

A slow heat for excellent sauces or to cook directly on for amazing toasted sandwiches

Boiling Plate

Lots of cast iron to hold the heat gives the Boiling Plate intense heat holding capacity for boiling water fast and crisp stir frying.

Roasting Oven

Cast iron ovens for radiant heat means food is cooked naturally, keeps its succulence and is tops for flavour. (Shown with grid shelf.)

Simmering Oven

Long, slow cooking in the Simmering Oven develops flavours and makes the toughest meat tender. Its large capacity means several pans can be stacked here.

Baking Oven

A moderate oven for cooking cakes and biscuits, baking fish, lasagne or shepherds pie.

AIMS remote control handset

(13-amp electric products only)

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Hand Rail

This stainless steel rail is attached to the AGA on site.

Enamelled Doors and Front Plate

Three layers of vitreous enamel, hand sprayed by skilled artisans and fired to 800°C for a deep gloss finish.

Top Plate

All top plates are black gloss enamel, quality checked at frequent intervals, as are all other components.

Base Plate

Everything needs a good foundation. The AGA base plate is the start of the AGA build, providing a level surface for the assembly.


This magnificent barrel of cast iron is the heart of your AGA. The heat storage principle is simple, tried-and-tested and designed by Nobel award winning scientist and inventor, Dr Gustaf Dalén, over 80 years ago.

Heat Conducting Plates

Directing heat from the barrel to other areas of the AGA. The heat conducting plate from the barrel to below the Roasting Oven means the oven floor is wonderfully hot for authentic pizzas, moreover apple pies have a crisp browned base, even in a ceramic dish.

Heat Indicator

Attached to the top of the Roasting Oven the heat indicator shows the amount of stored heat in the AGA.

Gas Burner

The principles of AGA cooking are the same whatever the heat source.


Tray Set

Every AGA is a labour of love which takes about a day to install in your kitchen by our trained engineers.

Rope Seals

Special 'ropes' to ensure air tight seals and joints.