AGA Bake-O-Glide™ Cooking Liners

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AGA Cookshop_BakeOGlide_Cooking Liner_W1494_W1495.jpg

AGA Bake-O-Glide™ Cooking Liners

from 60.00

Cut the Bake-O-Glide™ roll to fit any bakeware item of your choice!

These reusable non stick baking sheets for lining tins save time and effort spent on washing up. This product is dishwasher and freezer proof and suitable for all cookers including microwaves..

Care & Use:

  • DO Store flat or rolled
  • DO Season before first use with a little oil, butter or margarine
  • DO clean in the dishwasher
  • DON’T Crease
  • DON’T Use sharp implements, knives or scourers
  • DON’T Place directly on elements or flames

AGA SHOP TOP TIP: One less pan to wash! Cook toasted sandwiches, eggs pancakes and even reheat left overs directly on the Bake-o-Glide on the simmering plate!

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