AGA Top Dog Gauntlet

AGA Cookshop_Top Dog_Gantlet_W3377.jpg
AGA Cookshop_Top Dog_Gantlet_W3377.jpg

AGA Top Dog Gauntlet


Sold as single.

Many AGA owners will know their pets find premium position in front of the AGA where they find warmth and the hope of a stray morsel of scrumptious offerings from the cooker. The creation of our new Top Dog textiles has been inspired by our customers and their lovely dogs resulting in a beautiful, stylish and innovative print to use across our textile range.

  • Extra long length to easily reach into the deep AGA ovens
  • Comfortable ergonomic shape for easy grip
  • Features the steam and grease barrier for extra protection
  • Flexible terry cotton
  • Made in the UK


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