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AGA Cookers and Rangehoods

Hand crafted and still made in Britain

The AGA cooker is one of award-winning innovation and a proud heritage, because it’s made exactly the same way it always has been. Each AGA is unique and sets the range apart from the ubiquitous mass-produced uniformity.

AGA Australia is the importer of AGA Cookers, and at our boutique store, we offer expert advice and knowledge and can offer a measure and quote service.

AGA 60cm Range

The new AGA 60 is everything you would expect from an AGA, but wrapped up in a smaller, more city-friendly package.


AGA 60 all-electric Cooker

AGA 60 dual fuel Cooker

AGA 3 Series 90cm Range

The new all-electric AGA 3 Series 90cm range offers everyday control and boasts a host of useful features, with your choice of either Warming Plate or two-zone Induction Hob.


AGA eR3-90 Cooker

with Warming Plate

AGA eR3-90i Cooker

with Induction Hob


AGA 3 Series 100cm Range

Where beauty meets utility in a cooker that has the essential features every cook relies on. The new all-electric AGA 3 Series 100cm range offers your choice of Warming Plate or Induction Hob and additional cookware storage compartment.


AGA eR3 100-3 cooker

with Warming Plate

AGA eR3 100-3i cooker

with Induction Hob


AGA eR3 100-4 cooker

with Warming Plate and Cookware Storage compartment

AGA eR3 100-4i cooker

with Induction and Cookware Storage compartment


AGA Total Control Range

AGA State-of-the-art technology changes everything. It enables you to programme your AGA cooker to be on when you want to cook or off when you don't. Each hotplate and oven operates independently on this all-electric range.


AGA Total Control all-electric 5-oven Cooker


AGA Total Control all-electric 3-oven Cooker

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AGA Dual Control Range

The AGA Dual Control is everything you love about the AGA cooker, but with added flexibility and much reduced running and servicing costs. Available in all-electric, or dual fuel.


AGA Dual Control 5-oven Cooker


AGA Dual Control 3-oven Cooker


AGA Cooker with Integrated Module

The Integrated Module is a conventional cooker that gives you even more choice and flexibility; it gives you the option of a fan oven and a four-burner gas hob. There's also an integral, rapid-response ceramic grill that cooks your food evenly with minimal loss of moisture - making it taste even better.


AGA 3-oven Total or Dual Control Cooker with Integrated Module


AGA 5-oven Total or Dual Control Cooker with Integrated Module


Cooker Options

The AGA Rangehood

Working in collaboration with AGA Australia, to manufacture a Qasair Rangehood to perfectly complement your AGA cooker.

AGA coloured cast-iron lids

Colour Matched Insulated Covers

You can personalise your AGA with an alternative smart and durable finish. Cast iron lids can be supplied in the same colour vitreous enamel as the body of your AGA.

Cast Iron Enamelled Lids - $3,200 extra

The Classic AGA badge

The Classic AGA Badge

The badge that for so many years symbolised the warm, stylish essence of AGA is now available again, to enhance the timeless, classic appeal of your chosen AGA.